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General FAQ

1What is a BoxNearby’s Smart Locker?
BoxNearby’s smart lockers allow customers to order packages and have them delivered to convenient pickup boxes located near you. The community smart lockers are installed and dedicated to a specific location. You can use the locker to retrieve any of packages by entering a unique code on a touchscreen display.
2What are the maximum size and weight of a package?
The maximum size that a package can be is: 17” high x 20” wide x 25” deep. The maximum weight that a package can be is: 25 lbs. If the package is over any of these limits, the location will hold your package which would be at an additional cost.
3Are my packages safe?
Each Smart Locker is built to keep packages safe from thieves who take packages from porches (also known as “Parcel Pirates”).

Shipping & Orders

1How long do I have to pick up my package?
Each package would be held for up to three days. You will be charged extra for overtime after the first 24 hours. After the third day, the package would be sent back to the sender unless you notify us one day prior to the third day deadline. You can contact us through our email: or phone. 

2What is Box ID?
Box ID is your unique ID which identifies you from everyone else. This ID is used to determine who the package is being delivered to.
3Where can I find my Box ID?
To find your BoxID, please visit the “My Box ID” page in your account menu.
4How do I ship to a BoxNearby Locker?
1. Sign up for a BoxNearby account.
2. In the account sign up page, write down your Box ID.
3. Make a purchase from any online provider and set the delivery address as the BoxNearby locker.

Use your BoxNearby Locker address and Box ID # as your shipping address.
Bob Smith
2312A Walsh Ave
Box ID # 1234567
Santa Clara, CA 95051
5 Which carriers work with BoxNearby?
We are able to accept packages from almost all carriers including: USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. We also work with all local carriers.
6How will I know when my package is ready for pick up?
After your package has been placed into a BoxNearby Locker, you will be emailed and texted a pick-up code. This pick-up code would be used to retrieve your package from the designated BoxNearby Locker.
7When can I pick up my packages?
You are able to pick up your packages any time the BoxNearby lockers are open. They generally tend to be the same operating hours as the location it is located in. Please visit our locker locations page for specific hours regarding your specific locker.
8Which BoxNearby lockers could I ship to?
Any BoxNearby Locker could be used as a drop off station, the BoxNearby Locker address just has to be used during shipping.
9What can be mailed to the lockers?
BoxNearby will accept all packages as long as the package complies with our Terms and Conditions.

Membership & Plans

1How does the Membership Plan work?
After purchasing our 6-month membership plan, you will have 60 credits for 60 deliveries to use within the 6-month period. If you purchase our 12-month membership plan, you will have 150 credits for 150 deliveries to use within a 12-month period
2How do I get charged?
You will get charged one credit after every delivery. There will also be a 1 credit charge for every day that you do not pick up your package after your first 24 hours.
3How to change your membership plan?
You can login to your account, and on the left, choose the Membership Plan tab. Then, you can select the desired plan. If you purchase another 6-month or 12-moth membership plan within your previous membership plan expiration date, your remaining credits will be carried over to your later plan. The expiration date of these remaining credits will be extended until your new plan expires.
4How do I add credits to my account?
You can buy credits by logging into your account and heading into the “Membership Plan” tab, and choosing the credit plan. It will take you to choose how many credits to purchase. For all credit plan user, all credits purchased will expire within 6 month since the purchase date.
5What happen to my credit when my membership plan expires?
The credit you purchased will expire when your membership plan expires.
6If I choose Credit Plan, will my credits expire?
Your credits will expire within 6 months. However, if within these 6 months you purchase a Membership Plan, the expiration date of the credits will extend until your membership plan expires.

Order Local - Our Partners

1What is CSA?

A CSA or Community Supported Agriculture program allows Bay Area Locals to join the farm as members and receive a share of the crop once the season starts.

With direct purchases from local family farms, every subscription goes to supporting local farmers.

CSA farms have a strong commitment to sustainable production and operational practices, and to producing food that tastes like food is supposed to taste – delicious.

2How to order from Frog Hollow CSA?
1. Sign up for an account on BoxNearby website.
2. Go to
3. Make an account and select fruit box size of your choice.
4. Select type of box and how many weeks of delivery.
5. Select a BoxNearby location as a Drop off Location.
6. Follow the steps to complete the order process.
3How to order from Full Belly Farm?
1. Sign up for an account on BoxNearby website.
2. Go to
3. Click “Join Our CSA” and then “Click here to order your Organic Farm Box”.
4. Select a BoxNearby location as a drop off location.
5. Follow the steps to complete the order process.
4How to order from Eat with the Seasons?
1. Sign up for an account on BoxNearby website.
2. Go to and click “SIGN UP” button.
3. Select a BoxNearby location as Drop off Location.
4. Select the type of bag and how many you would like.
5. Pick the length of term you would like.
6. Create an account with Eat with the Seasons.
7. Follow the steps to complete the order process.
5 How long do I have to pick up my local goods?
If your goods are perishable, you have until the end of the day to pick up your goods. If your delivery is a lunch/dinner meal from a local food deliverer, you will have 2 hours to pick it up. According to the food delivery policy of the Department of Environment and Health, your goods will be surrendered if you miss the pick up time period.

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