Flexible Plans that Deliver

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Whether you need a secure shipping location once in a blue moon or have a weekly flow of important packages, we’ve got a plan that’s right for you. To get you started, we’re offering 50% off all plans!


$12/ monthly

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  • Credit Amount
  • Pickup Timeframe
  • Secure and Convenient


$1.5/ delivery

Only need a few deliveries? You can choose to pay per delivery.

  • Original: $3 / delivery
  • 1 Credit
  • Pickup within 3 Days
  • Secure and Convenient

6 Month

$40/ 6 Months

For a shorter commitment with all the perks of a longer membership.

  • Original: $80
  • 60 Credits
  • Pickup within 3 Days
  • Secure and Convenient



Get 50% OFF

Save 50% On All Plans!
Limited Time Only
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