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BoxNearby provides web-based software to turn your store into a convenient package drop-off and pick-up location.
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Why Join BoxNearby

Management with Web-based Software

With just a shelf, a scanner, and a smart device, you could turn your store into a BoxNearby package Delivery/Return hub. With our state-of-the-art web-based software, you can manage this delivery hub at anywhere you like, through any smart device, including your smartphone, tablet or PC. Our software works flawlessly with a blue tooth scanner, making the delivery or drop off easier than ever for your customer. Our BoxNearby cloud will help to organize the communications between carriers and customers seamlessly.


Extend Your Business and Be The Center of Your Local Community

Sign up today with BoxNearby and turn your store to a convenient online shopping BoxNearby Delivery/Return hub, attract more customers to your business. Don't miss the chance of turning your store into an irreplaceable part of your local community! You would not only profit from our revenue sharing policy, but also from the customers who came in the store to pick up or drop off their packages.


How it Works


Sign Up With Us

Sign up from here for a store account with BoxNearby.
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Management Login

After activating your account, you would be able to login to your store account for management portal from here. You can track your monthly revenue information and delivery hub's package status.

Delivery Portal Login

To activate your store's delivery portal, please contact BoxNearby or call us at (408)-520-7918 for further instructions. Login to your delivery portal from here via your smart devices, using the same account. Setup your device in your store for customers, carrier drivers, and cashiers to use.
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Revenue Sharing

Please see details in your business contract signed with BoxNearby. For more information, please contact BoxNearby or call us at (408)-520-7918.