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BoxNearby headquarter is located in Silicon Valley, California. BoxNearby aims to build a network of smart lockers in school campuses, local plazas, and corporate offices. Our network will provide customers the option to ship their online orders to a secure locker location.

Furthermore, BoxNearby’s cloud service is connected to local businesses’ website. This will help more local businesses to sell and deliver directly to consumers. We hope our services can assist local communities to access more locally sourced, healthy, and delicious self-sustained produces.

Our mission is to use smart technology to achieve smart last mile delivery, to be able to promote green delivery with zero waste. We would also like to connect local communities with more local businesses.

We believe that secured unattended deliveries, as close to their final destination as possible are in everyone’s best interest. From safer neighborhoods to reduced time-consuming redeliveries, Boxnearby finds more sustainable solutions to deliveries.

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Our integrated hardware and software solutions are specifically designed to protect deliveries by all major carriers.

  • We help our customers make sure they receive their deliveries reliably when they expect them.
  • We help carriers make their routes more consistent and reduce costly redeliveries.
  • We help retailers reduce their costs of lost and stolen goods.

We work closely with carriers and community leaders. By combating crime, increasing quality of life and improving productivity, we can better our communities.

We’re a security solutions company, we take security and privacy extremely seriously. We encourage you to learn more about our approach by reading our Privacy Policy.

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